The Cycle of Neoliberalism

New Perspective of Economic Science

World has witnessed the dependency of American Economic is very sensitive. A small shock in Middle East could shock NYSE, although NYSE has no direct connection with Dubai World. There will be a very long causalities explanation.

We should consider that our economic science was constructed in the conventional age. Now, we are living in the internet age. The economic interaction is more complicated.

Perhaps, this is the time for us to develop new learning method, to understand true reality of the phenomenon. Complex phenomenon cannot be understood by causalities relation.

Moving Mass causes Different Space Time Gravity

Figure I

If the spin of earth causes an apple has higher kinetic energy than gravity force (figure I), is the apple will be 'boink-boink' like figure II?

Figure II

In learning Newtonian, we usually describe the distance between mass in the frame of reference that ignore the time-space reference. The distance of two masses in figure A will have no difference with the distance in figure 1.

Align Center
Figure A

Figure 1

But, when gravity is involved, the actual path of gravity force is longer as shown in figure 2.

Figure B

Figure 2

This longer distance in figure 2 is because function of space-time curvature is considered. But in figure A, space-time function is ignored.

Dark Matter: confirmation from Chandra X-Ray Lab.

As written in :

The hot gas in each cluster was slowed by a drag force, similar to air resistance, during the collision.

In contrast, the dark matter was not slowed by the impact because it does not interact directly with itself or the gas except through gravity.

As my understanding states that space create different space-time compression if the property of mass is changed (such as change of velocity). Because the change of speed is very high in this collision of two large clusters of galaxies, the conversion of absolute space to space-time can produce detected radiation. Here, Chanda Lab. is described as 'drag force'.

I also state that the space compression has no resistance to movement. It only work with gravity.

Nice confirmation from the latest observation result!

Watch my video here: for better point of reference

Confirmation from The Planck spacecraft

Planck space craft had swept the space and found a 'red line of radiation'
This is confirmed my understanding of universe.

The detailed properties of this background may contain hints of hidden extra dimensions or multiple universes, as well as providing clues to what caused a brief, early period of incredibly rapid cosmic expansion.

I call those extra dimensions or multiple universe as ABSOLUTE SPACE.

By the way, the observation result of this European Space Agency spacecraft shows a red line image that explain my understanding of gravity on the moving mass.

If my understanding is true, a flying car with anti-gravity device get closer.
Watch my video : for better point of reference

Summary: Anti Gravity Concept

Figure 1:
If a gyroscope spins in white dashed line axis, the gravity curve (yellow line) that should be vertically straight down to the center of earth will be bended. The difference of the space time curves of earth gravity causes gyroscope has force to produce precession to move into vertical position (green arrow).

Figure 2:
When the gyroscope reaches vertical position, the space time curves of earth gravity are in balance. Therefore, the gyroscope will not be lifted, but the mass of gyroscope becomes lighter.

Figure 3:
If we can maintain the space time curves of earth gravity, we can have an elevation force, or anti-gravity.

Summary: The Mass elimination process at the speed of light.

If the mass doesn’t move, the compression of space will form space time curvature into straight line to the center of mass, as shown by green arrows in Figure A.

Figure A

When mass is moving, the curvature in the front of direction is more dense than the rear. The compression of space in the rear fills the left space. This filling is balance with the density of space compression in front of direction (Figure B).

Figure B.

The space that fills left space will fill it in the speed of light. Therefore, if the mass moves close to the speed of light, there will be some delay for the space to fill the left space, then the left space will be filled by the mass. This causes mass become longer as seen in figure C.

Figure C

So, if the mass moves at the speed of light, the space no longer able to fill the left space. The mass will be stretched to elimination.

Summary: Space Time Curvature Gravity of Moving Mass

The linear speed
If the mass doesn’t move, the compression of space will form space time curvature into straight line to the center of mass, as shown by green arrows in Figure A.

Figure A

When mass is moving, the curvature in the front of direction is more dense than the rear. The compression of space in the rear fills the left space. This filling is balance with the density of space compression in front of direction (Figure B). Therefore, the space will keep the mass moving in balance. If the speed of the movement is the speed of light, the compression of space is strong enough to eliminate the existence of mass. That is he reason why mass cannot move in the speed of light.
Figure B

The Spin of Mass
The spin velocity can be explained like this:
If the mass doesn’t spin of move, the compression of space will form space time curvature into straight line to the center of mass, as shown by white arrows in Figure 1.

Figure 1.

When the mass begin to spin at low velocity, compression of space will be curved as shown in figure 2. This will cause compression of space is stretched and the compression strength decreases. As the strength of compression decreases, we can experience centrifugal force.

Figure 2.

It the velocity of spin is too high, the curve of space-time becomes dense as shown in figure 3. The density of space-time compression can be enough to causes gamma ray burst, or trap the light like the black hole. Finally, the density can destroy the existence of mass to create supernova blast.

Figure 3.

Summary: The Origin and Creation of Gravity

Clue: Space will disallow a mass to moves at the speed of light. This is a clue that space has energy to disallow the existence of mass.

This is a hope to understand physics phenomenon in different frame of reference, and open more possibilities for new technology development.

1. The original Space/Absolute Space
If space can disallow a mass to moves at the speed of light, there should be a state where a space is balance [equation]. I call the balanced space as Absolute Space. Absolute space is an energy that balances with energy of absolute speed. There nothing can enter this space but electromagnetic wave.

2. Interaction Between electromagnetic Wave in Absolute Space
Interaction of electromagnetic wave in the absolute space can change the energy level of electromagnetic wave.

Creation of Proton and Neutron
If energy of an electromagnetic wave is increase, the frequency will be higher and wavelength will be shorter. Because speed cannot be increased, there will be a condition where wavelength is zero and cancels the speed of light. The electromagnetic wave turn to be a mass and the space will balance with the presence of mass by transforming into space time function to compress the mass. The increase of energy caused the formed mass has positive charges of proton and the compression of space time cause proton has gravity field. Gravity field makes proton can have more energy to change the proton becomes neutron.

Since the mass is an electromagnetic wave that lost the speed, the energy of mass equal to (1/2)mc^2. The same energy is also given by the space in the form of compression. But since the space is considering the speed of light, the mass becomes smaller, the length becomes shorter and the time becomes longer.
If proton or neutron enters high gravity field, proton and neutron receives too much energy from space. Then proton and neutron will be decayed.

Creation of electron
If energy of electromagnetic wave decreases, the frequency can become zero. The space no longer ‘gives’ energy, but hives the energy. At the point where the space hives the energy, the electron is formed. The decrease of energy causes electron has negative charges.

3. Atom Creation and Mass Creation
Gravity field of Neutron can be united with gravity field of proton, but positive charge of proton cannot be balanced by space, it can be balanced by electron. But, electron has ‘anti-gravity’ field that cannot be united with gravity field. Therefore, electron can only moves close to proton until the anti gravity field around electron is balanced with gravity field of proton (and neutron) in an orbital system.

Some atoms create a molecule, and molecules create mass. The gravity field of proton and neutron become stronger.

Gravity comes from the push of space, not the pull of a mass.

Gravity Field has a limit. There will be some areas in the universe that do not experiencing the gravity field. These areas are balancing the gravity field. There areas may the dark matter that had been identified by NASA. The effect of galaxy collision that caught by NASA may refer to the transformation of absolute space/dark matter into space time.

The compression of space time has connection with moving mass. Therefore, it opens a possibility to arrange some moving masses to create anti gravity effect.

I hope, although I cannot process this summary into formal procedure, this summary can give a fresh look to our science then brings to better world.

Tanks for my friend at BBC Message Board that remind me to make the summary.

Relativity Confirmation: From gravity to Dark Matter and Dark energy

[read the short summary of the conception]
Someone from United Kingdom remind me to show the confirmation of my concept with General Relativity and Special Relativity. Unfortunately, I do not interest to learn these concepts because I have to ‘see’ the experiment in common frame of reference. But I like the experiments and observations because both are confirmed my concept when I ‘see’ those in my frame of reference:

1. Energy Mass relationship (E = mc^2)
Space will not allow a mass to have a kinetic energy at absolute state of speed of light:

E[kinetic] = (1/2)mc^2
Space will compress the existence of mass to disallow the mass to have kinetic energy at speed of light. The energy of space to disallow is equal to the energy of mass.
E[compress] = (1/2)mc^2
Therefore, total balanced energy of mass and space ( E ) is:
E = E[kinetic] + E[compress] = (1/2)mc^2 + (1/2)mc^2 = mc^2
E = mc^2

If the velocity of mass is much slower than speed of light, the mass relatively small. The compression of space will also small. The length of compression will also relative to the speed of mass. Relative longer compression causes longer interval that exhibit slower time dimension (see Scout Rocket Experiment bellow).

According to Newton, there is no limit of gravity field. But my conception leads to the limit of gravitational field. Therefore, there are spaces without gravity field. Those spaces are the space that surrounding the galaxy. Those spaces will balance the gravitational space that keeps the galaxy intact.

We had identified this space as Dark Matter. It exhibits dark energy that keep universe intact. If galaxies collide, the space will be turned become space time compression. As seen by NASA.

2. Michelson and Morley experiment
This was an experiment to separate the light to different direction then being united again. The result is no differences.
In my conception, as long as the light is not energized, the light reminds same. If the light is energized by gravity field, light will be bended.

3. Sharp Double Star Image
The conclusion of this observation is the light is absolute speed. This is a part of my conception.

4. Electromagnetic decay in the Atmosphere
This is an observation of an electromagnetic source that decayed during fall to the ground. This confirms my conception that if electromagnetic energy enters gravitational field will be energized, like a mass will be energized to fall at the accelerated speed. But electromagnetic cannot be accelerated. To balance with energy from gravity, electromagnetic will be decayed or diffracted.

5. Cyclotron Frequency Accelerator Experiment.
This experiment concludes that the conservation of momentum leads to relativistic mass. My conception is that the space time will balance with the mass and its properties. If a mass moves and produces kinetic energy, the compression of space will be stronger without dragging the speed and makes the mass become heavier.

6. Cerenkov radiation
Cerenkov radiation states that the speed of light is the speed limit in this universe.
This is one of my conception bases.

7. Deflection of star light by the sun.
Just like the observation of electromagnetic decay in the atmosphere (number 3).

8. Harvard Tower Experiment
This experiment is measuring the energy of gamma ray that launched upward and downward in the earth gravitational field difference about 22 meters. It shows that there is a change of energy. This is support my conception about changed energy of electromagnetic wave in the gravitational field.

9. Scout Rocket Experiment.
Rocket that fall from 10.000 km shows that time run faster of earth surface. This confirms my conception that the existence of mass is followed by reaction of space and time creation.

New Generation of Technology for recession.

[read the short summary of the conception]
Advanced technologies today that used to be produced by developed countries can be produced by developing countries in lower price. Perhaps, this is the fundamental cause of today economic recession.

I just thinking, when low price products from China began to penetrate developed countries markets, people could save more money. Then they began to consider buying new home, new cars and other luxury product. Then the credit loan becomes attractive product.

More credits make the demand of Chinese products increase and decrease for the developed countries products. The decrease of local product demand causes lower income for developed countries. The credit loan then become a bubble that explode become financial crisis.

Financial crisis had triggering industries of developed countries to shut down due to lack of financial support to compete with ‘made in China’. This is continued with the explosion of unemployment.

If the technology is the fundamental cause, therefore developed countries need a new generation of technology, not just an innovation but a breakthrough.

An innovation is finding a new connection in the same frame of reference. A breakthrough is finding a new connection in different frame of reference.

This blog offer a new frame of reference to ‘see’ our fundamental physic, to find a new connection that we’ve never seen before. So there are possibilities to build a new generation of technology, such as possibility to manipulate space-time function to design flying car.

That is why I promote this blog in today economic recession.

And honestly, yes, the bottom line is about money.

I am sorry Mr. Newton, your gravity is for conventional technology, not for quantum technology.

[read the short summary of the conception]
When Newton realized that falling apple is caused by a force, there are two probabilities of force. The force is a push from above the apple or the force is a pull from bellow the apple. We all know that Newton did choose the pull force instead push force. In his second edition of principia, Newton stated I have not yet been able to discover the cause of these properties of gravity from phenomena.

So, Newton jumped to conclusion of “mass pull” without appropriate reason. He just said that It is enough that gravity does really exist and acts according to the laws I have explained, and that it abundantly serves to account for all the motions of celestial bodies.

For 17th century technology, yes, it is enough. For quantum technology, no, it is not enough.

This blog propose a concept that gravity comes from space, like Einstein did. But, there is a little difference. Einstein spacetime usually connected to cosmological constant. In my conception, space is drag less but elastic. It fills the space, but can be compressed and stretched.

If a mass appear inside this space, the mass compress the space around. The surface of the space will be stretched, and the space at the mass will react by pressing the mass. This pressing of the space causes acceleration that known as gravity.

If the mass move inside the space, the pressure of space will be higher to balance with the kinetic energy or inertia. Because space is drag less, the pressure of space will not make mass stop moving, but being balanced to move. But if the mass is too ‘nasty’ to move to the speed of light, the pressure of space will eliminate the existence of mass. That is why any speed that faster than the speed of light is disallowed by the space.

The compression of space creates curved images, or known as space-time curvature. My conception above opens possibility to create brand new technology, which is space-time engineering. Perhaps, the first technology will be flying car that flies by manipulating space-time function.

The Curve of General Relativity

[read the short summary of conception]
Einstein stated that the space time is structural quality of gravity field. He described curved lines to explain the gravity.

If we look at how Newton found the idea of gravity, we realize that Newton only see an event of falling apple. But his consciousness made him able to see something behind the falling apple which is gravity.

Einstein's explanation of gravity is description of an event, just like falling apple in the Newton's observation. Then we need to 'see' behind this event.

We can be like Newton

To have a good monitoring system, we have to monitor the monitoring system. Monitoring a monitoring system has different methodology because monitoring a monitoring system has different process than monitoring a system.

Well, just keep your eyes on this monitor if you want to keep reading.

[read the short summary of conception]

If we watch the falling apple before Newton, we might take a ruler, mass counter and timer to observe the falling system. We will have falling acceleration. Then we may conclude that “Everything in above will fall down with acceleration about 9.8 m/s^2.” And there will be a small probability to find gravity concept.

Why could Newton find it?

Newton’s attention was not focused on the apple, the mass, the length of falling path, the velocity, etc. Shortly, Newton’s attention was not on the event. His attention was focused on something behind the event, which is gravity.

How Newton can ‘see’ something behind the event?

It is simply because Newton was EXPANDING THE FOCUS of his observation.

Newton physically stands on earth, but I believe that he made him self flying to the space and made an imaginary observation. So he can realize that if things falling downward on the North Pole, then other things will fall upward in the South Pole. This imaginary observation will lead our understanding that falling things is not simply a movement from above to downward. There is something that accelerates things to the center of the earth. That something is gravity.

How Newton could made imaginary observation?

Imaginary observation is a spiritual experience. That is why some of our great scientists believe in God, because they have better spiritual consciousness. That also why the holly book Koran gives more appreciate to scientists.

PS: Remember what Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Scientis blames our childhood happiness for resistance to science!

I don't understand why you scientist came to conclusion that childhood is the origin of adult resistance to science. So, are you will propose to eliminate Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? Sorry, my daughter loves them.

Hei, scientist! have you look into into the mirror? Have write your article in simple word so adult people interest to read your article? Why don't you blame your scientific writing method?

Your science had developed technologies for war and destroy the environment. This because you had banned the word "love" in your work!

Spiritualism and emotional for new science and new world.

Watch, touch, taste, smell, hear are our observation activities. The result of our observation is impression. Glad, angry, sad, afraid, etc are our first impression. This first impression is a spontaneous, we call it as feeling. Logical analysis is second impression. This impression requires little effort, we call it thinking. And finally we have spiritual impression.

This first impression will determine the next impression. If the first impression is afraid, it will be difficult to go to next impression. So, a person that has blood phobia will face many difficulties to become a doctor.

Second impression will answer the question of who, what, where, when, and how. While why question will not end, like this:
“Why we fall?”
“Because earth has gravity.”
“Why earth has gravity?”
“Because earth has mass.”
“Why earth has mass?”
“Because …..”

The real answer of why question lies in spiritual impression.

Our science is developed by second impression to fulfill our first impression. Anger is fulfilled by gun, and our angry becomes crime. A depression is fulfilled by drugs and our depression creates drug’s war. Hunger is fulfilled by manufacture technology and our hunger becomes greediness, then our greediness becomes war.

If we know why man on the earth, we may will not kill for oil. If we understand why there are some religion on the earth, there will be no Palestine conflict. If we know why greediness is a part of man, there will be no environmental destruction. If we really can answer the why question, this world becomes heaven.

When our education not only teach logical thinking but also consider the spiritualism? As long as every religions on earth tries to dominate the world, the dream of heavenly world will be impossible.

As long as science rejects "love" and "God" in their work, science will only bring us to atheism. Good value of any religion will be considered as non realistic matter and should be ignored. There will be no effort to understand why some religions exist in this world. The peaceful world is further away.

Close encounter of the lost physic

[read the short summary of conception]

This is one of my picture in my article:

This is another picture in another article:

Compare both pictures with a picture from science daily [].

It seem that the sun burst will lead us to the truth of gravity.

Basic Mistake on Boeing Research

Can you make an omelet without heat?

[read the short summary of conception]

Boeing tried to build anti-gravity vehicle in early 2000 but this is another lost of science main stream. In year 2000, there are many phenomenons about gravity that had not being explained. So, Boeing doesn’t have enough understanding about gravity but tries to make anti-gravity device. It like making bread without wheat.

We can measure the force between two masses but we cannot answer the question how those masses can have force. Is there any sub atomic changes inside the mass so that mass is forced? Is a mass releases a kind of electromagnetic wave that forced other mass? Is there any explanation about this? No, no, no and no.

Why there is no explanation? The answer is simple, because science does not allow it. Why science does not allow? Because it will lead to modify the basic gravity concept and scientists on prestigious science institution will not support it. If there are no support, there will be no funds to investigate it.

Let's break this stupid circle!

Why scientific articles are written in complicated words

"Speak louder, please. I can't hear you."
"No, I can't. Because you will understand and found my mistake."

At least, there are two reasons why scientists should write their work in complicated words, first they have to attract editor’s mind and second is to find the relation between their works with the funding mission. Therefore, the science work is little bit ignored to pursue bureaucracy and begin to loose the main stream. That is why we are difficult to understand their article.

Science development mostly depends on editors and funding organization. If a science development cannot make editor interested or out of funding organization’s mission, the science will dry out tough public need it most.

Public need many technology for their living. One of the public needs is flying car to deal with traffic jam. But there are too small number of organizations that develop flying car. Why giant company do not interest to develop flying car? Because our 'science' do not allow flying car. Any ideas of flying car will be rejected before being considered.

We has not investigate all probability to make flying car, so it is our stupidity if we claim that fying car is impossible.

The Old Religious Javanese Man and a PhD

Scientist: "All right, I'll give you US$ 50 if I cannot answer your question, you just give me US$10 if you cannot answer my question."
Artist: "O.K."
Scientist: "Answer this question. How far the average distance between moon and earth?"
Artist: "I don't know." (give scientist US10) "How far is it?"
Scientist: "It is 380.000 km"
Artist: "What goes up to hill with two legs and go down with three leg?"
Scientist: "I don't know." (give artist US$50) "What is it?"
Artist: (Give US$10 to scientist)

In late 80s, an old religious man said to me that I should learn from China because China will become the world leader. But I don't believe it because the old man never goes to university.

In early 90s, I read about the prediction of peak oil production. It said that the peak of oil production occur in 2006, then the oil become major power to conquer the world. I believe this prediction 100% because it was made by a PhD.

I think, Bush administration considered the PhD prediction. So he waste money and life to conquer Iraq. Perhaps, he thought that conquering the oil base production will make American economic stronger after 2006. But God has different wish, oil from Iraq does not make American economic stronger but slipped to crisis. It makes Obama has to beg to China.

As the religious Javanese man predicted, China now has become the world strongest economic country.

So, what is the difference between PhD prediction and the old religious Javanese man prediction? The PhD prediction only uses analytical thinking but the old religious Javanese man uses combination of analytical, spiritual and emotional.

It makes me realized that if we only use analytical thinking, we just down grade human ability.

Spiritual and emotional are human specific ability. If we abandon these ability in our education, we just doing a systematical dehumanization.

By the way, we had left a lot of environmental destruction for our next generation. Will we add it with dehumanization?

Another "Mistake Jump" of Bee Collapse Colony Research?

A car driver hit another car and asked by a police.
"Why you don't hit the brake when you see another car in front of you?" ask the Policeman.
"I have read the traffic rules, there no order to brake in this circumstances."

Honey bees play a critical role in agriculture. The most important role honey bees play is actually not honey production, but pollination. The value of crops that require pollination by honey bees, in the United States alone, is estimated to be around $24 billion each year and commercial bee pollination was valued around $10 billion annually.

Honey bee colony losses are not uncommon, however, this sort of disappearance is unprecedented. This honey bee colony loss is due to uncharacteristic bee behavior: bees are failing to return to the hive. Research found no evidence to suggest that pesticides or bacterial infection are the primary cause of CCD (colony Collapse Disorder).

So, if the root cause is the navigation system, why we not focusing in the bee navigation first? If the anomaly of bee navigation revealed, we can understand weather the collapse is biologically or environmentally. Then, we can continue the research depend on the previous result.

But, as we have not reveal the process of collapse colony, scientists try to explain the collapse with DNA, Bacteria, Virus, pollution, etc. Most of their research result will fail to explain the process of collapse colony. Mostly, their truth is like the truth of the driver in the prologue of this article.

Another wasting time and money.

Why the Thruster of Spaceship Located at Rear?

How long does a mermaid learn to walk on land?

Figure 1

I just wonder, an aircraft has thruster engine at the rear part is OK because it still can be used to balance between the center weight of aircraft with lifting force of the wing. But in the space, there is no lifting force of wing, and rear thrust (figure 1) will make spaceship more difficult to control because the thrust can cause inertia moment about the center of mass. As shown in figure 2, if the center of mass little higher then the space will turn like figure 3.

Figure 2

Figure 3

If the thrust located at the front area like shown in figure 4, the inertia moment can be avoided. But, I haven’t found any spaceship that has thrust engine at the front area, even in the science fiction. Most of our communication satellite also put the thruster in the rear. Perhaps, we may consider putting the thruster in front of the satellite so that satellite orbit failure may be reduced.

Figure 4


It is not a Newton’s Mistake, it just need more addendum.

If we born before Newton, and an apple falls on our head, we just gonna say, "Thanks God, it is not a coconut!"

[read the short summary of conception]


If we throw a ball upward, then the gravity will accelerate the ball downward. We usually assume that the motion path of the ball is straight vertical, like shown in animation 1. This becomes the basic concept in learning Newton Gravity.

But actually, the earth does not stand still, it is spinning. So the motion path of the ball will be a curved line like shown in animation 2.


It is OK if Sir Isaac Newton did not consider the spinning of earth because he could not observe the falling apple from space. No, we have space shuttle. Why don’t we make a wider point of view than Newton? Why we still teach our children with observation of seventeenth century with twenty first century technology?

Is it because narrowed point of view from 17th century just like peeping porn from door keyhole so wider point of view is less exciting?

However, we might find the acceleration of earth gravity is no longer 9.81 m/sec^2 if the earth does not spinning.

Why Gamma Ray Bursts from The Poles

"You told me that you want to draw a car, but why you only draw a tire?"
"The canvas is too small."
"Why don't you draw a small car?"
"Actually, I only now tire. I never see how car look like."

Figure 1. The Burst of Gamma Ray

The spinning mass caused higher space-time compression or gravity along the spin axis. If the spin velocity had exceeded, the compression of space-time is enough to ‘kill’ the star. The star is dying and releasing huge amount of energy in the form of gamma ray. Since the compression of space-time in perpendicular of spin axis is very high, the gamma ray releases in the spin axis, the poles (Figure 1).

A Trap of Modern Science?

The problem is that we don't know whether early universe has time dimension or not. If the early universe do not has time dimension, the searching is just wasting time and money. Just like Boeing in early 2000 that tried to fight against gravity while our gravity research had not reveal the mystery of gravity.

Are those research phenomenon above the clues of moder science trap? Or our students are smarter than their teachers?

Confirmation of My Gravity Understanding from Canary Island

"Have you found something in your observation"
"No, I haven't."
"Because what I found is not like what I want."

[read the short summary of conception]

As has mentioned in GRAVITY ANOMALY ON EARTH SURFACE and “HOW GRAVITY ACCELERATES MATERIALS AND CREATES ORBITAL SYSTEM”, the space-time is not simply silky smooth. And the MAGIC Telescope on Canary Island had confirmed it.

".......The MAGIC data filtered through to the Max Planck Institute of Physics in Munich, Germany.It was easy to pinpoint the source of the data blip - a 20-minute burst of hugely energetic gamma rays from a galaxy some 500 million light years away known as Markarian 501. Its occasional tempestuous outbursts had already made it familiar to gamma-ray telescopes worldwide.
This burst was different. As Wagner and his colleagues analyzed the data in the weeks and months that followed, an odd pattern emerged. Lower-energy photons from Markarian 501 had outpaced their higher-energy counterparts, arriving up to 4 minutes earlier (Physics Letters B, vol 668, p 253).This should not happen. If an object is 500 million light years away, light from it always takes 500 million years to get to us, no more, no less. Whatever their energy, photons always travel at the same speed, the implacable cosmic speed limit: the speed of light. Perhaps the anomaly has a mundane explanation. We do not really understand the processes within objects such as Markarian 501 that accelerate particles to phenomenal energies and catapult them towards us. They are thought ultimately to have something to do with the convulsions of super massive black holes at the objects' hearts. It could be that these mechanisms naturally spew out low-energy particles before high-energy ones. Or they might not. "The more fascinating explanation would be that this delay is not intrinsic to the source, but that it happens along the way from the source to us," says Wagner. According to my understanding, the space has energy to accelerate or decelerate, it depend of the interaction of space-time and dark matter....."

How Gravity Bends The Light

An elementary school student told me, “Someday, I will invent a light bending machine, so I can bend the light around me and make me invisible.”

[read the short summary of conception]

Light is a package of energy. Space-time also came from energy. There will be a conservation of energy between the light and the space. When the sun light enters the gravity field of earth, the sun light should be accelerated. But it never happened because the light has already reached the limit of speed. To balance with the acceleration of gravity, the light is deteriorated or diffracted. When the sun light enters the weak gravity field of earth, the low level energy of light is diffracted (figure 1). The lower level of this sun light is the red light. As the light goes to the center of earth, there will be more diffraction. Finally, only the blue light that directly reach the earth surface. This blue light makes the sky looks blue.

Figure 1, 2, 3, and 4

The colorful light is mixed on earth surface that make the sun light become white (figure 2). In the polar region, the compression of space-time is lower than the equator area. The light that escapes from gravity of earth leaves colorful light (figure 3). We named it as aurora. As the space-time compression is very high in the equator area, only red and yellow light are leaved by the escape light (figure 4). These light coloring the sunset and sunrise.

Gravity of Moving Mass

Don’t expect the God help us instantly, because the speed has a limit!

[read the short summary of conception]

Compressed space-time also balances the mass properties of material. If the mass moves in linear direction, the compressed space-time in the front of direction will be smaller and the rear one will be higher. This make a mass will keep moving if there are no other forces. If the mass moves at the speed that close to the speed of light, the compression of space-time will be higher. This compression makes the mass become heavier. If the speed reaches the speed of light, the energy of compression will be enough to eliminate the existence of mass. That is the reason why mass cannot travel to the speed of light.

The spinning mass is also balanced by compression of space-time. The spinning mass will distribute the mass along the axis in the form of centrifugal force, therefore the compression of space-time will also higher along the spin axis (figure 1). This higher compression makes the spin can be used to maintain the direction of rocket.

Figure 1. Space compression of spinning mass in three dimension

Figure 2. Figure 2. If there is no mass presence, the energy of space is uniform (left side picture). Presence of a mass will compress the space (center picture) and space reacts by compressing the mass. If the mass is spinning, the compression of space will be twisted (right side picture)


How Gravity accelerate Mass and Create Orbital System

My nephew told me, “When Apollo landed on the moon, it increases the mass of the moon. So, if NASA keeps sending spaceships to the moon, the moon can fall to the earth!"

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The acceleration of gravity had formulated by Newton with his general gravity theory. But the gravity force is not a pull force of a mass; it is the action-reaction of two gravitational fields.

The gravity field of two masses is influencing each other as shown in figure 1. The gravity field of lighter mass is bended by the stronger gravity force of higher mass as shown in figure 2. The bending space causes unbalance space compression as shown in figure 3. Therefore, the lighter mass falls to the bigger mass.

Figure 1.2 and 3

From figure 3 we find there is a smaller force that tries to hold the smaller mass to fall to the bigger mass. Then, I just make an oversimplified calculation about this, the result is amazing. The oversimplified calculation about interaction of gravitational field shows the force that holding smaller mass does exist in the orbital system.

I call the force that holds a mass from falling to higher mass as orbital properties. If two masses have high orbital properties, these masses can be coupled into an orbital system. But this calculation leads to a phenomenon that most people do not agree, the phenomenon is the existence of free energy.

When I calculate the orbital property of moon and earth, the result shows high number of orbital properties. High number of orbital properties can make the moon has various angle of orbital shape as shown white line in figure 4.

Figure 4

The Kepler law of energy conservation of orbital system said that the line from a planet to the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times. But the sweeps only work for two dimensions. Three dimensions orbital system sweeps wider area. The moon also has three dimensional areas that makes solar eclipse cannot occur every year. That is why the orbital system of Moon and Earth produces ‘free energy’ that makes moon move away from earth about 3 cm per year.

Many publications had said that the Moon moves away because of the ocean tide on the earth. But I can find the mathematical evidence to support this publication. A calculation that tries to support this publication was written at But this page does no longer exist, because it shows a big mistake. It concludes that the gravity of moon is higher than gravity of sun. Simple high school calculation shows that the gravity of Sun is higher.

Furthermore, my calculation confirmed the orbital properties of sun, planets, moon, Jupiter’s satellites, and asteroids. It also confirmed that ordinary masses; including our communication satellites, have no orbital properties. Perhaps, that is why we have many cases of satellite orbit anomaly.

In the satellite orbit business, most anomalies were observed to occur early in the mission [1]. Common analysis on the anomaly blames the manufacturing defect while material fatigue has less effect. Since the trend of anomaly associated with GN&C (Guidance, Navigation & Control), we may consider the probability that anomaly in early mission is caused by wrong parameter of gravity calculation.

[1] Brent Robertson, Eric Stoneking, SATELLITE GN&C ANOMALY TRENDS, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,


Earth Gravity Anomaly


Once we have scientific explanation of a phenomenon, we will lose our curiosity. Too bad, science is not like porn materials.

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Gravity is the product of proton and neutron, therefore the gravity acceleration follows the population of proton and neutron. If a sphere is made from two different materials (figure A) and the center of mass located at the center of the sphere, the space-time compression is not uniform at the surface of the sphere (figure B). Since Mass A is higher than Mass B, the gravity field will form in little complicated shape (figure C).

Figure A, B and C

The phenomenon of gravity center above explains why a gravity field on earth surface is not uniform. The difference of gravity field around the earth surface is in the range is 100 milligals as shown by NASA publication in figure D [1]. But, we may have to remove the word 'anomaly' because it is naturally.

Figure D

In the other hand, geologist had used the differences of gravity to predict the material beneath the earth surface [2]. Therefore, their prediction is confirmed this theory that different population of proton and neutron cause different gravity.

[1] NASA Earth Science Enterprise., Studying earth gravity from Space

[2] Thomas, M.D., Gravity Prospecting for Massive Sulphide Deposits in the Bathurst Mining Camp, New Brunswick, Canada

Sub Atomic Behavior and Origin of Gravity

Unpredicted and periodic are the impression of sub atomic behavior, also the impression of beautiful creature.

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Einstein had said, by seeking the simplest differential equations which can be obeyed by an affine correlation there is reason to hope that a generalization of the gravitation equations will be found which includes the laws of the electromagnetic field [1].

As explained in the previous chapter, the presence of proton causes space-time compression while presence of electron causes space-time deterioration. The positive charge of proton pulls the negative charge of electron. But when electron moves toward the proton, there will be an interaction of compression and deterioration of space-time. Therefore, the movement of electron toward proton will be stopped by the balance of compression and deterioration in certain distance. Then electron only can move around proton or orbiting proton.

Electron should be formed into other existence to be united with proton. The possible formation of electron to be united with proton is neutrino. This neutrino will make proton become neutral charged mass or called as neutron.

The compression of space-time is only equal with the existence of proton, so neutron will have over compressed space time. Over compressed space time makes a free neutron will be decayed. Neutron should be close to electron to balance the space-time compression. But neutron has no positive charge to make electron moves closer. Therefore, neutron will use proton to pull the electron.

Neutron, proton and electron have all properties to be coupled in orbital system and become an atom. The origin behavior of electron as an insufficient charged particle will be coupled an atom with other to become molecule. Then molecules become a material.

Space-time deterioration of electron had been balanced by compression of space-time; the negative mass property is not appearing on the material. But we can feel the heat of electron when we make electron travel in the wire or when we break down the carbon chain of burning material.

Space-time compression of proton and neutron still strong, and become stronger when the number of protons and neutrons is increase in a material. This strong compression of space-time is known as gravity as shown in figure 1. The gravity is determined by the number of proton and electron. As Chemistry has already identified that the mass of atom is determine by the number of proton and neutron, therefore the quality of gravity is determined by the mass of material. Just like Newton has found the general gravity

Figure 1: The Compression of Space-time

Figure 2. If there is no mass presence, the energy of space is uniform (left side picture). Presence of a mass will compress the space (right side picture) and space reacts by compressing the mass.

[1] Einstein, A.,1923., Fundamental Ideas And Problems Of The Theory Of Relativity


Creation of Sub-Atomic Particle Before Big Bang

Creation of sub-atomic particle occurs in an absolute dimension before ‘big bang’, when time-space is not created. I don’t know how to explain the time before ‘big bang’ in English because there is no time before ‘big bang’. Should I use the past tenses? Moreover, my English is not good!

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The absolute dimension is the space of energy that equal to the energy of light radiation. In the perfect absolute dimension, each light radiation of energy is in balanced condition or equipartitioned. It because the rate of equipartitioning is shown to depend on a single free parameter related space charge content of the final (equipartitioned) beam, and does not depend on how the kinetic energy is initially distributed between the two planes. [2].

Because absolute dimension does not allow the existence of mass, the only matter that can enter this dimension is the light radiation. The observation of light radiation shows that light radiation can have different energy level. If there is a light radiation has lower energy level, the energy from surrounding will be transferred to charge the lower energy level. Before energy is being transferred, it should be conversed first. Conservation of light energy can produce electricity. The conversion of light into electrical energy using the photoelectric effect has been previously demonstrated [3].

The energy transfer will behave like ripple of water after stone drop. This will increase the entropy and, there will be over and insufficient charged of energy.

Over or insufficient charged energy should make the “speed of energy” become higher or lower. But the absolute dimension is only for the speed of light, any other speed does not allowed. Therefore, over and insufficient charged energy began to form positive mass or negative mass to balancing the charged energy. But, mass formation is resisted by absolute dimension. The energy of absolute dimension will be conversed to compresses positive mass or deteriorates negative mass.

The mass formation of the insufficient energy becomes electron that will be deteriorated by absolute dimension. Energy of absolute dimension is conserved into space-time deterioration and heat to deteriorate the existence of negative mass. Like the termionic effect, where electrons are ejected by heat instead of light [3]. Deterioration of space also can be found in the annihilation property of dark matter. Dark matter self-annihilation produces a gamma-ray flux observable with current instrumentation. [1]

The mass formation of over charged energy becomes proton that will be compressed by absolute dimension. In this case, energy of absolute dimension is conserved into space-time dimension around the proton. Since the space-time surround the proton, our scientists call this phenomenon as space-wrap. But I think the word ‘space wrap’ is not an appropriate description, because space-time is not only wrapping the mass but also compress the mas

If the mass should be wrapped, is the mass for sale?

[1] J. S. Arabadjis, M.W. Bautz, 2004, Galaxy Clusters and Dark Matter Properties
[2] Kishek, R. A., et all, Energy Transfer Mechanisms and Equipartitioning in non-Equilibrium Space-Charge-Dominated Beam, XX International Linac Conference, Monterey, California
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The Dimension Before 'Big Bang'

I hope that I am not making a new theory because there are already some previous theories like “String Theory”, “G String Theory”, “String Bikini Theory”, and “G String Bikini Theory”. I am afraid that if this is a kind of new theory, they will call this theory as “Underwear Strange Theory”.

Let’s make a simple understanding, but began with a quote of a scientific paper:

The possibility that the universe has more than three spatial dimensions has long been discussed. Recent developments in string theory suggest that there could be up to seven additional spatial dimensions, compactified at very small distances, on the order of 10E-32 m. [1]

Why higher dimension is so small? Perhaps we can understand it from the speed of light phenomenon. Speed of light is the limit speed for the dimension where we life today. If we travel at the speed of light, we will not exist because we are reaching the limit of four dimensions, just about entering other dimension.

Recent preliminary results from gravity experiments at sub millimeter distances, as well as cosmological constraints from supernova cooling and distortion of cosmic diffuse gamma radiation, indicate that the case of less than two dimensional is likely ruled out as well [1].

Therefore, we will go to higher dimension. How the dimension will look like? It is difficult to imagine how the dimension will look like. There is one thing for sure that the mass, space, and time does no longer exist, they are compacted as relativity had predicted. So, if space, time and mass do not exist or compacted, what is left? The answer is energy, because it cannot be created or eliminated. Then, come a question, how energy will look like without space, time and mass? The answer is light radiation.

The observation of universe space has found black hole that sucking the light. Since the star is releasing the light, somewhere between black hole and the star, there will be a microscopic dimension where the light is trapped without space-time. This microscopic dimension is the dimension before ‘big bang’. Because this dimension is for the absolute state, therefore we may call this as absolute dimension.


[1] Abbott, B. et all, 2001, Search for Large Extra Dimensions in Dielectron and Diphoton Production, The American Physical Society



1. The End of Logical Observation.
The more precisely you know the time span in which something occurred, the less you know about the energy involved and vice versa [Heisenberg Uncertainty].

2. The Failure of Modern Science.
Poverty, war, crime and terrorism are consciousness matter that consists of logical thinking, spiritualism and emotionalism. In the other hand, our generations are educated by logical thinking only. So, don’t expect the peaceful world because we never understand the consciousness.
Logical thinking is our unique ability as well as spiritual ability and emotional ability. If we try to understand spiritualism with logical thinking, it will look like watching stars with the microscope.

3. Scientist Mistake.
Gravity of sun is much stronger than gravity of moon, about 350 compared to 2. But scientific explanation said that the ocean tide is caused by moon gravity. Stronger gravity should cause bigger effect, but in this case smaller gravitational force causes bigger effect. We not realize that this kind of scientific explanation violates the basic logical concept. There are many scientific mistakes like this.

4. Scientific Publication Mistake
Modern scientific article is written in complicated words and difficult to be understood by ordinary people. It seems science is no longer dedicated to enhance people's life. This condition also makes the mistake of simple logical concept can hide behind scientific words.

5. Scientific Method Mistake
We teach our generation to explain the objective of their observation. But, some real scientists, specially space scientist, admits that they found many unexpected observation result. They are not ready with their observation, therefore they began to call those unexpected observation result as "DARK" things, such as dark matter, dark energy and dark motion.
Those unexpected observation result is enough evidence that we have to re-design our research/observation method. But the word DARK is stronger to stop any alternative method and explanation.
More over, some unexpected results are called as failure of research or observation.


Promote new point of view and method for scientific activity to have better frame of science. This method will make us:
- Kept in science main stream
- Ready for unexpected result
- Involving consciousness in the research/observation

The unexpected result can bring scientist to frustration that can affect the ability of logical thinking. So, why we only depend on logical thinking?

Logical thinking can be done by processor, so if we teach our generation to ignore the spiritualism and emotionalism, we just make our next generation becomes computer. Don't make our education become systematic dehumanization.


Developing 'psycho-virus' from the bottom of the science.










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