Moving Mass causes Different Space Time Gravity

Figure I

If the spin of earth causes an apple has higher kinetic energy than gravity force (figure I), is the apple will be 'boink-boink' like figure II?

Figure II

In learning Newtonian, we usually describe the distance between mass in the frame of reference that ignore the time-space reference. The distance of two masses in figure A will have no difference with the distance in figure 1.

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Figure A

Figure 1

But, when gravity is involved, the actual path of gravity force is longer as shown in figure 2.

Figure B

Figure 2

This longer distance in figure 2 is because function of space-time curvature is considered. But in figure A, space-time function is ignored.

Dark Matter: confirmation from Chandra X-Ray Lab.

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The hot gas in each cluster was slowed by a drag force, similar to air resistance, during the collision.

In contrast, the dark matter was not slowed by the impact because it does not interact directly with itself or the gas except through gravity.

As my understanding states that space create different space-time compression if the property of mass is changed (such as change of velocity). Because the change of speed is very high in this collision of two large clusters of galaxies, the conversion of absolute space to space-time can produce detected radiation. Here, Chanda Lab. is described as 'drag force'.

I also state that the space compression has no resistance to movement. It only work with gravity.

Nice confirmation from the latest observation result!

Watch my video here: for better point of reference

Confirmation from The Planck spacecraft

Planck space craft had swept the space and found a 'red line of radiation'
This is confirmed my understanding of universe.

The detailed properties of this background may contain hints of hidden extra dimensions or multiple universes, as well as providing clues to what caused a brief, early period of incredibly rapid cosmic expansion.

I call those extra dimensions or multiple universe as ABSOLUTE SPACE.

By the way, the observation result of this European Space Agency spacecraft shows a red line image that explain my understanding of gravity on the moving mass.

If my understanding is true, a flying car with anti-gravity device get closer.
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