Social Network for Economic Quantum Espionage?

Jasmine Revolution and Curriculum Change of Harvard University
The Quantum Credo - A flap of butterfly’s wings in Amazon could cause Tornado in Texas

In October 2010 I had a wish to change the economic education, then in February 2011 Harvard Business University changed the curriculum, is that a quantum phenomenon?

A student form India asked my opinion about an article from Harvard. After reading the article, I realize that the research was done in a narrow methodology. Anyone who had learned the quantum science will realize that narrowed methodology makes us unable to see the paradox. Just like in 2002, when world economists were unable to see the paradox of Mortgage.

Since I am a victim of global economic recession, I wanted to make a change in economic science. I wanted to make the economists analyze the economy with quantum methodology. How? Then I remember the action to collect coins for Mrs. Prita in Indonesia. It is a national action that only triggered by an email. Another social action against the criminalization of anti-corruption commission in Indonesia was triggered by Facebook. So, why I am not trying to use internet to became a flap of butterfly wing that creates tornado?

Physic as the basic of the science always tries to find the connection of whole phenomenon as balanced action-reaction process. Meanwhile, modern economic science tries to gather the resources to gain more income. This modern economic science is very different than classic Ibn Kaldhun’s economic science that always tries to finds the balance of social activities growth.

The world still search for strategy to recover the global recession. This is the right time to introduce a quantum economic science to fight head to head with the existed one. If the world is not in recession, quantum economic science should be packed as the future science.

First, I had to make a credo. The credo should be inspiring, give a touch of humanity and divine. Therefore, the credo might open the awareness of the reader. Then, the credo is: “Ibnu Kaldhun began to build basic economic science to balance the social development. But modern economists use the science to gain more income for their own and leave a lot of poverty in the other sides.”

To spread the influence, I began to join with some economic news website that opens feedback from readers. Once a suitable article was found, a designed comment was given to open the awareness of balance.

The comments should not directly to ask for change the methodology of economic science. The comments only try to open the consciousness because some economists already aware that something wrong in the economic education.

The quantum espionage of social network can’t direct the change. It is only triggering the change which had been existed inside public consciousness. Therefore, the change will be natural change. Just like “Jasmine Revolution” at Arabian Countries.