Why the Thruster of Spaceship Located at Rear?

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Figure 1

I just wonder, an aircraft has thruster engine at the rear part is OK because it still can be used to balance between the center weight of aircraft with lifting force of the wing. But in the space, there is no lifting force of wing, and rear thrust (figure 1) will make spaceship more difficult to control because the thrust can cause inertia moment about the center of mass. As shown in figure 2, if the center of mass little higher then the space will turn like figure 3.

Figure 2

Figure 3

If the thrust located at the front area like shown in figure 4, the inertia moment can be avoided. But, I haven’t found any spaceship that has thrust engine at the front area, even in the science fiction. Most of our communication satellite also put the thruster in the rear. Perhaps, we may consider putting the thruster in front of the satellite so that satellite orbit failure may be reduced.

Figure 4