It is not a Newton’s Mistake, it just need more addendum.

If we born before Newton, and an apple falls on our head, we just gonna say, "Thanks God, it is not a coconut!"

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If we throw a ball upward, then the gravity will accelerate the ball downward. We usually assume that the motion path of the ball is straight vertical, like shown in animation 1. This becomes the basic concept in learning Newton Gravity.

But actually, the earth does not stand still, it is spinning. So the motion path of the ball will be a curved line like shown in animation 2.


It is OK if Sir Isaac Newton did not consider the spinning of earth because he could not observe the falling apple from space. No, we have space shuttle. Why don’t we make a wider point of view than Newton? Why we still teach our children with observation of seventeenth century with twenty first century technology?

Is it because narrowed point of view from 17th century just like peeping porn from door keyhole so wider point of view is less exciting?

However, we might find the acceleration of earth gravity is no longer 9.81 m/sec^2 if the earth does not spinning.